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Touchstone Essentials founder and owner Eddie Stone sits down with Todd Smith to discuss what it takes to be successful in owning your own business. A dynamic entrepreneur for over 30 years, Todd has achieved success in every business endeavor and every aspect of his life, including earning over $24 million dollars in his chosen career of network marketing.

Over the years, Todd has studied the behaviors, characteristics and skills that distinguish those at the top from everyone else, and now he shares those insights in this video, along with his tips on what someone just starting out in business should do today.

Touchstone Essentials Talk: Todd Smith on leadership, influence and how little things matter!

In this chat, Todd discloses his intentional approach to business, and how he was able to command respect so those around him listened to what he had to say. Don’t miss his compelling insights on how the little things make a big difference in the outcome of your success.

Learn more about Todd and his commitment to helping others develop personally and professionally on his blog, at and subscribe to his newsletter for lessons and reports to arrive directly to your inbox.