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I am so excited to have finally found something that works. After years of trying every weight loss program under the sun, Boost Focus Fuel is the simple solution I’ve been searching for!

Since starting Boost, I have lost 42 pounds and inches off my waist. I still eat all my favorite foods, but with Boost I find it easy to eat less. Now, my wife is wondering where my stomach went.

Tommy Turner's Results

All my life my weight has been a struggle. I was always a big kid. I remember looking around in the school auditorium at all the other kids my age and noticing their skinny legs, while I wore “husky” size pants.

It used to be I could increase my activity over the summer and that would keep it in check, but as I’ve gotten older my metabolism has slowed and it just wouldn’t budge anymore.

Even though I was very active in sports, over time my weight just kept creeping up, around 5 lbs. a year. After a while that really adds up.

It reached a point where I was 329 lbs. My wife was worried about how my weight would affect my health. My doctor told me I was obese, and warned me I really needed to lose some weight.

Over the years I think I’ve tried every program out there. I’ve been hypnotized to believe I hated fried chicken (didn’t work). I paid $900 for what I call a “jungle juice” potion which just acted like a diuretic and I only lost 15 lbs. of water weight.

I also had a well-meaning friend sell me on a $7 a day shake program. Not only did I just lose water weight again, it was really aggravating to have to make the shakes in the morning and pack them in coolers to bring with me. Worse was when I had a lunch appointment and watched people around me eat real food.

Boost_Focus_FuelWhat I wanted was something that would fit around my life, and make it easier for me to eat less. I have finally found it with Boost Focus Fuel. For the first time, my appetite is really in control.

I still eat all my favorite foods—BBQ on Tuesdays, chicken wings on Wednesdays and pizza on Fridays—but now I just eat less of them. Before when I ordered 20 wings, I would eat 14 and my wife would get 6. Now, I stop at 5 wings, and I feel fully satisfied.

I love that Boost is simple and easy. You just take one or two capsules a day and you are done. There are no shakes to mix, points to count or special diet foods. Anyone can do it.

Losing this weight has also made a big difference in my health. My knees were really feeling the pressure, and it was very difficult to go up and down stairs. I would try them one at a time, sideways, you name it. Now I can run up and down stairs and I feel fine.

I have also had to go clothes shopping, which is a good problem to have. I have gone from a size XXXL to XL pants size. The weight loss has been steady, so it keeps me motivated to keep going.

People around me have started to notice the new me. I’ve had several people ask what I’m doing, and I tell them about Boost. Now they are starting and losing weight too. Not only do I help others by sharing Boost, I get rewarded for every referral.

My goal is to help a lot of people who’ve struggled with weight loss before, and in the process, create a residual income that can help me retire comfortably. With two thirds of America overweight or obese, the sky’s the limit.

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