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How did I find myself overweight? As a child I was naturally thin and active, until I became a sedentary, slightly overweight teenager.

An active university life kept things in check, until I started working in an office. Bad habits crept back in. A downward spiral began. I found myself at over 220 lbs.

Boost Focus Fuel has been the catalyst for a massive change in my life. In just 4 months I have lost 28 lbs. and 6 inches off my waist. Boost has been the difference between success and failure.

Tim before & after

A motorcycle accident two years ago came as a wakeup call. I sought chiropractic treatment for my injuries, and educated myself about nutrition. In the year after the accident I lost 28 lbs.

Then I discovered Boost Focus Fuel. Everyone says the last pounds are the hardest to lose, so I am astonished to have lost another 28 lbs. in just 4 months. With Boost, I lost weight 3 times faster than going it alone! (learn more)

Taking Boost was like putting blinders on so I could focus on doing the right things. The anxiety of hunger was gone. I didn’t even think about cake anymore!

I had more energy, and discovered untapped reserves to exercise. I noticed I could achieve more using fewer calories, finding I’d done a lot in a day without eating a great deal.

Week in and week out I saw improvement on the scales, but visually I saw the biggest difference in the last 30 days. Now all my clothes look huge on me.

Tim before & after

People I haven’t seen in awhile have all noticed the difference and have been asking what I’ve been doing. Even work colleagues and family whom I see all the time were shocked at the speed of progress.

Today, my weight, fitness, energy levels and health are as good as or better than a decade ago. Quite literally, I look and feel 10 years younger.

With all of these improvements, my confidence has also been given a boost. It is so rewarding to prove to myself that I CAN make massive changes in my life. This has given me an entirely new lease on life!

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