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The New Gold Standard for Cellular Health

Based on cutting-edge cellular research, and formulated to exacting standards, Wellspring is the new gold standard for cardiovascular and cellular health.

Studies suggest many people are deficient in essential fatty acids critical for cellular health. These parent fatty acids form a protective shield around each cell, and play a vital role in cell reproduction and energy.

The Benefits of Wellspring

The truth is most people are eating the wrong kind of fat. Fat that triggers a pro-inflammatory response in the body. Or they make the mistaken assumption that fish oil is the answer.

Fish oil does not give your cells or heart what it needs (we’ll tell you why in a minute).

Every Cell Needs Fat to Function

Not all fat is bad. Some of it is good, even essential to your well-being.

Every cell in the body (trillions of them) is covered by a protective membrane. A healthy cell membrane is critical for:

  • Absorption of nutrients
  • Proper cell reproduction
  • Cellular energy production

About half of that cell membrane is phospholipids (aka fat), making certain types of fat essential for healthy cells. But there’s a catch. Your body can’t make this type of fat and must get it from food.

In a minute, we’ll tell you which fats are vital to your cell health, and the special processing they MUST undergo to maintain their life-sustaining properties.

The problem is most people are NOT getting this “good” fat in their diet. Instead they are overdosing on bad fats, with deadly consequences.

The Toxic Secrets of Most Vegetable Oils

Canola Oil. Corn Oil. Soybean Oil.

These are the three oils most people eat, unaware of the risk to their health.

They’re in processed food on store shelves. They are what fast food is fried in. They are the cooking oils used in restaurants. Unless certified organic, these oils are:

  • GMO engineered
  • Drenched in Pesticides
  • Processed at high heat
  • Bleached and/or chemically processed

They have one more toxic secret… solvents. After the first machine extraction of oil, a solvent is used to get the remaining oil from the plant. That solvent is typically hexane, a petrochemical byproduct that is a potent neurotoxin (source).

To see how much hexane is used during this process, watch how canola oil is made in this short video (watch here).

These highly refined, degraded oils are toxic to your cells. One landmark study (source) found that due to its processing, as much as 4.2% of canola or soybean oil is harmful trans fat, which is not labeled. Trans fat is considered a contributing factor in heart disease.

The Good Fat Every Cell Needs

So what fat do your cells need? It might surprise you to learn that true essential fatty acids are not DHA and EPA (found in fish oil).

True essential fatty acids are ALA (alpha linolenic acid) and LA (linoleic acid), found in borage plant, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. DHA and EPA are derivatives of these parent essential fatty acids, and can be made by the body.

Groundbreaking research by scientist Brian Peskin demonstrated that when cells receive the right kind of ALA and LA, remarkable improvements in cardiovascular health were observed.

A recent review by Penn State University researchers (source) affirms the heart-health benefits of ALA. Penny Kris-Etherton, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition stated, “Our understanding of the cardiovascular disease benefits of ALA has advanced markedly during the past decade. Based on the current evidence, ALA decreases CVD risk.”

However, these plant oils must be properly processed to maintain their healthful properties.

The Superior Quality of Wellspring's Oils

The borage, flax seed and pumpkin seed oils in Wellspring are carefully cultivated and undergo superior processing to retain their full nutritional profile and healthful properties.

These plants, rich in true essential fatty acids are:

  • Grown using organic practices
  • Non-GMO (corn, canola and soybean are GMO)
  • Free of chemical pesticides or herbicides
  • Cold processed (no high temperatures)
  • Not extracted with solvents (no hexane)
  • Not bleached or refined

It may surprise you to learn that Wellspring is not “clear” oil (a sure sign of refining). The borage, flax seed and pumpkin seed in Wellspring are expeller pressed. These cold pressed plants deliver a concentrated oily powder, rare in potency and purity.

Coconut Oil for Healthy Cholesterol

In addition to true essential fatty acids, Wellspring also features organic extra virgin coconut oil.

For years, coconut oil got a bad rap due to its saturated fat content. It turns out it is not like most saturated fat. That’s because it is made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which support healthy cholesterol levels.

One study of 40 women compared coconut oil to soybean oil and showed the women taking coconut oil saw higher HDL (good cholesterol) levels and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels (source).

Amazingly, multiple studies show coconut oil also supports healthy weight loss. One study compared a diet with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT, such as coconut oil), to one with long-chain triglycerides (LCT, canola, soybean). A significantly greater decrease in body fat was observed in the group taking MCT (source).

The organic coconut in Wellspring is sourced from fresh coconut meat, is unrefined, and cold pressed to retain the highest level of nutrients.

The Secret of the Golden Spice

Revered for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, modern scientists now recognize the joint-soothing and healing properties of turmeric. It is a key component of Wellspring.

This golden root is the source of curcumin. There are hundreds of published studies on its health benefits, including support of healthy blood sugar, brain health, and joint health. You can see how curcumin supports brain health in this remarkable study (source).

One challenge with curcumin is its absorption rate. Some advocate taking it with black pepper to improve absorption, and that does help some. However, studies show that curcumin is better absorbed when taken with fat, like the essential fatty acids in Wellspring. Adding fat with curcumin increases absorption rates 3.4 fold.

But the highest absorption rate comes when both fat and natural antioxidants are combined with curcumin (source). In addition to essential fatty acids, Wellspring is formulated with the natural antioxidant ginger root, so you get optimized absorption of curcumin with every serving.

See What Others Say About Wellspring

To me, Wellspring is magic!
I love this supplement, it's working wonders for my back.

Why Fish Oil is Actually Bad for You

Going against conventional wisdom is a bit controversial. It might also save your life.

You see, for years, everyone was told to take fish oil for their source of EFAs. Consuming fish has many health benefits, yet concerns about mercury and toxic PCBs caused millions to turn to “purified” fish oil.

But fish oil is not the same as eating fish!

  • Highly refined extraction process using solvents
  • Molecular distillation alters the natural structure of the oil
  • testing found trace PCBs in almost ALL fish oil
  • Unless bound to a natural antioxidant, it will easily turn rancid
  • Time, air, heat and light can cause fish oil to degrade
  • Degraded oil has a pro-inflammatory effect on the body

Fish oil only includes the derivatives of essential fatty acids (not the EFAs themselves). Those derivatives are EPA and DHA. Overdosing on EPA and DHA can actually damage cells, as research shows.

A recent study by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (source) showed a 43 percent increase for all prostate cancers—and a 71 percent increase in aggressive prostate cancers—associated with high blood levels of EPA and DHA.

In 2012 the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (source) published a systematic review and meta-analysis of 20 studies on fish oil. Their conclusion stated, “Omega-3 PUFA supplementation was not associated with a lower risk of all-cause mortality, cardiac death, sudden death, myocardial infarction, or stroke.”

There’s a big difference between eating fish, and mega-dosing on refined, degraded fish oil.

The Good Inside Wellspring

Wellspring’s exclusive formula of organic plant-based essential fatty acids, curcumin, and whole food antioxidants create a unique and powerful blend.

Together these potent healing plants provide foundational support for every cell, with targeted support of heart and joint health.

For optimal health benefits, turn to plant-based true essential fatty acids, found in the exclusive heart and joint health formula of Wellspring.