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Debra Lynn Dadd is truly “The Queen of Green,” according to The New York Times. The Boston Globe hails her as “One of the country’s few authorities on natural and nontoxic consumer affairs,” and KCBS-TV calls her “The guru of nontoxic living.”

Basically, this lady knows her stuff! A sought-after consultant, accomplished speaker and author of TOXIC FREE: How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That are Making You Sick, Debra has been researching and writing about toxic chemicals for more than thirty years. She also maintains a comprehensive website dedicated to helping consumers make safer choices by providing up-to-date information on the environment, nutrition, health and more.

And she just loves Touchstone Essentials!

We had the chance to speak to Debra about her passion and why she is a strong advocate for the Touchstone Essentials family of products. Here’s what she had to say.

TE: First would you mind sharing with us a little about your background?

When I first found out—back in 1978—that there were toxic chemicals in my own home making my body sick, I wanted to know where they were found in consumer products, how they make us sick and how we can choose and find safe products. I’ve been researching and writing about it ever since, and I’m still vitally interested now more than ever. Sure we have more safe products to choose from, but also more scientific data about the dangers of the toxic chemicals that still exist in products. There is so much in the news today about the dangers of toxic chemicals in consumer products and my mission is to help people identify and find nontoxic, natural and organic products that are safe to use.

TE: What drew you to Touchstone?

My entire adult life has been around one main focus: how to be free from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. At first I thought it was enough to eliminate toxic exposures in my home, and that was helpful for 30 years. But there are toxic chemicals in the environment that we simply cannot control or avoid, and a couple of years ago I realized that in order to be healthy you need to remove the chemicals that are stored in your body.

If you don’t remove that body burden of toxic chemicals, other therapies and remedies simply will not work…because the real problem is toxic chemical overload. That’s why I advocate liquid zeolite in my book, Toxic Free. And that’s where Pure Body comes in.

What Pure Body is doing is not just symptom specific. It’s a little magnet that runs around attracting toxins and eliminating them through your urine. When the toxicants are gone, all the rest of your cells can function, your organs start functioning and then you have health. There are other zeolite products out there, and from what I’ve seen, none of them compare.

I am also taking the whole food supplements and I was really excited because I have been writing about people taking whole food supplements for at least 20 years as opposed to manufactured supplements. When I saw the way Eddie Stone put this together and all the extra freshness precautions and making sure the food is at its peak in terms of nutrition, I knew he really had something worthwhile. Because the ingredients are harvested at peak ripeness, processed within hours and dehydrated without heat, it’s like eating fruit right off the tree or vine. There are other whole food supplements but the food isn’t handled like this.

TE: What have your experiences been with the products so far?

As I’ve been taking the products, I’ve noticed a change in my body, even though I’ve been eating organic food for years and taking various zeolite products since 2010, I can both see and feel the exceptional quality of these products, and the way they’re put together is just brilliant.

TE: What is your big reason for advocating Touchstone?

My life is dedicated to helping consumers be free of the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, and my focus is letting people know the good that is available to them. I really see the difference in my own health, and these products are affordable and accessible to everyone. People need to know and I plan to get the message out. This is going to make a real difference. It’s going to change lives.