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FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!
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Pure BodyAt Touchstone, we believe trust is earned, and one of the ways we seek to earn the trust of our customers and Members is through transparency. We won’t just tell you why our products are better, we’ll show you, with our on-going commitment to independent third-party testing.

Given the highly technical nature of the tests performed, each lab report includes an introductory scientific review on the purpose and meaning of each test.

  • Chemical Analysis: Shows what is bioavailable to the body (page 2 of 2), and also what is trapped within the three-dimensional zeolite cages (page 1 of 2), demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning process for Pure Body.
  • Composition Analysis: X-ray diffraction analysis confirms that Pure Body is 100% naturally occurring zeolite of which 81.4% is pure white Clinoptilolite, representing one of the highest ratios found in zeolite deposits in the United States.
  • Particle Size Analysis: The visual size verification of individual particles provides “picture proof” by comparing the zeolite particles to certified 0.3 micron red latex beads (added for this test). You can clearly see the vast majority of the zeolite particles are the same size or smaller than the comparison objects, confirming a mean average size of 0.3 microns, and optimal for absorption by the body.