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Rick Rainbolt
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Rick RainboltFor years I’ve had big issues with my eyes, to the point that driving at night “safely” was no longer an option. It had gotten to the stage that my eyes became a 24/7 issue, always squinting and feeling very uncomfortable.

My eye specialist had me on pharmaceutical medicine which came with an added bonus; permanent black rings around the eyes, blurred vision and mega headaches. That’s nice.

I started believing that these were the cards dealt to me and that I would just have to live with it. Surgery on both eyes was another option, but that came with no guarantee of solving the problem. I scheduled my surgery and then cancelled it four different times.

Then everything changed… I joined Touchstone Essentials and started taking the products. I believed in plant-based organic green powder supplements but I had never taken them on a consistent basis, until Touchstone. Taking greens in small capsules was a lot easier to swallow. In addition, I was not on any detox program until starting Pure Body.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

After 30 days of being on the complete line of Touchstone products, my wife Robin and I were riding our bicycles. It was in that setting that I suddenly realized how clearly I could see. For the first time in years, my eyes were feeling normal and I was not squinting.

The feeling was overwhelming; I felt so much joy and excitement, I yelled to Robin to stop riding so I could tell her. Now, I’m not saying my eye issues are cured or I will not need surgery in the future. However, having my eyes feel normal and to be able to drive safely at night once again, feels like a miracle!

A recent seminar I attended shed light on why my eyes may have improved. A leading plant-based organic whole food expert spent an hour talking about how important detoxing is for better health.

He talked about how the brain and body build up toxins over time which affects the nervous system. The nervous system communicates to all of the body’s organs and functions. Once you detox and get the chemicals and toxins out, every aspect of your body will function in a much more efficient way, starting at the cellular level.

The average person has over 200 active toxins in their bloodstream, and many, like me, may have no idea how immeasurably better their life can be when you take out toxins, and put the good of whole food nutrition, back inside.

There are two ways to see… sight and insight. Not only do I have my sight, I have also gained insight into the enormous opportunity Touchstone provides for people around the world.

Touchstone allows everyday people to participate in a global nutritional revolution. No wonder it’s a thriving business! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have discovered Touchstone Essentials and how excited I am for what the future holds.

*This story represents the personal experience of an individual and is not intended to imply you or anyone else will have a similar experience (everyone is different). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.