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Peggy Long“I spend my summers every year on my beautiful Canadian island. Around five years ago I slipped on an oil slick, with my left buttock landing on the sharp corner of a step. I knew it was serious as I almost fainted and lost all body functions. My brother and Dad saw me land hard and came running.

They had to take me by boat and dirt roads to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital, a huge hematoma the size of a watermelon had developed on my left buttock (from ruptured blood vessels) accompanied by extensive black and blue discoloration. The doctor said the swelling and pain would go down in time. Well it didn’t. UGH!!

I continued with a pain level of six (on a scale of 1-10) for years, and was never able to sit comfortably on that side. I consulted with two surgeons who wouldn’t operate, as scar tissue had intertwined with the nerves, and they couldn’t guarantee any relief from the pain.

I was then introduced to a zeolite product from another company, which diminished the pain, and I could sit on my left buttocks comfortably for the first time since my fall. I started to feel great. Then, in October, 2011, the product I had been taking changed manufacturers, and I began to notice my buttock pain returning. I was then introduced to the Pure Body zeolite product, and within a week my discomfort was gone completely!

I am so grateful for this incredible product! I will stay on Pure Body FOREVER!”

—Peggy Long

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