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Paul Cashmore
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Do you load up on energy drinks to charge through the day? A self-described energy-drink addict, Paul Cashmore shares his personal experience of detoxifying with Pure Body. 

Pure Body“I was provided with a bottle of Pure Body zeolite by a Touchstone Member—the lovely Savannah Alalia—and was intrigued as to its detoxifying potential.

Having worked in London, drank alcohol, and eaten quite a lot of canned tuna and grains in my time, I guess I have been on the receiving end of a massive amount of pollutants. For some time now I have suffered with shoulder pain and headaches. And I am an energy drink addict!

So I cut out the energy drinks and began my Pure Body regime. It doesn’t taste of anything so that was a great start—the last thing I want is to be chugging some nasty medicine-type liquid down my neck.

I detoxed my body and my headaches have gone. My face and back tingled for a while but this was my body ridding itself of pollutants and toxins. Then I thought I would test my new body and consume an energy drink—it was like being hit in the head with a sledge hammer.

So the energy drink addiction has gone and with no withdrawal headaches! I would recommend for anyone to take zeolite as part of a detox plan and man alive you will feel the benefits.”

—Paul Cashmore

*This story represents the personal experience of an individual and is not intended to imply you or anyone else will have a similar experience (everyone is different). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.