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On the night of October 25th I tripped on a box in my office and fell with my mouth—front teeth—landing on the windowsill. Hitting very hard, I left quite an indentation on the windowsill! My mouth was bleeding rather profusely—I tried to rinse it a couple of times, but it kept bleeding.

I had quite a gap on the inside of my upper lip which was bleeding a lot and my upper gums were messed up and bleeding. Thankfully my teeth were not at all loose. I immediately picked up the bottle of Pure Body Extra Strength and sprayed the upper gum and inside of my upper lip. The bleeding stopped immediately.

Needless to say I was amazed. I kept spraying the Pure Body Extra Strength throughout the evening and once during the night. I also started rinsing with salt water and took a homeopathic remedy for trauma.

The next morning my upper lip was a tiny bit swollen, but you could already see my gums and upper lip were healing. I continued rinsing with salt water and using the Pure Body spray. I even felt good enough to go for a 12 mile bike ride!

Pure Body Extra StrengthWhen I got back home from my ride I called the dentist. He too felt I was fine and told me to keep spraying it with the Pure Body and rinsing with salt water. He said that we should x-ray it just to be sure I did not fracture anything. I arranged to see him on Monday morning, October 29th.

When he saw me he could not believe how well and how fast I was healing. He could see the trauma, but it was healing beautifully. Thankfully, the x-ray was fine and I did no further damage. His recommendation was to continue using the Pure Body spray and rinse with salt water until it was completely healed. I must say that within a week’s time my mouth was totally back to normal. Thank you Pure Body Extra Strength!

—Ann Sammarco

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