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Our son, Matthew, spent the first four and a half months of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). At 28 weeks he was delivered via emergency C-section and weighed only 2 lbs. He came into the world before his lungs were ready.

As a preemie his weakened immune system required us to pay extra attention to the physical environments he was exposed to. Several respiratory infections while in NICU caused scarring in his lungs. Doctors warned us to keep him clear of anyone with illness for the first two years of his life.

I put my career as a Physician Assistant on hold. We were very careful and aware of the environments we walked into when in public. Protecting his lungs while he physically developed was paramount.

Matthew also faced severe developmental delays and has had to work harder than most to achieve childhood milestones. Matthew was 2 years old before he could eat solid foods without choking or gagging.

Many long days of working with an occupational therapist helped Matthew learn how to eat, drink from a sippy cup, crawl, sit, stand and walk on his own. At age 3, he qualified for the developmental-delay program at a public elementary school, which gave him much needed support. Unfortunately, it also meant greater exposure to germs.

We fought so hard to keep him well. We would have given anything to make his life better so he could experience normal kid stuff with greater ease. Sniffles that were no big deal to other kids turned into upper respiratory infections for Matthew. He missed more days of school than the average child.

When Matthew was in the fourth grade, we heard about zeolite and its ability to help support the immune system by removing environmental toxins from the body. Since it is a natural mineral, it sounded safe for Matthew to use. It seemed worth a shot. It didn’t take long for us to see results. After missing 44 days of school in third grade, he only missed 18 days in fourth grade, and then 13.5 days in fifth grade. His immunity was getting better.

Then I learned about Pure Body zeolite through a friend, and how it is even more effective than other zeolites on the market. We began using the drops immediately with great success. Matthew’s immune system was stronger than ever!

Jennifer Scherer and family
We added the Pure Body Extra Strength spray and something amazing and unexpected happened. Not only did Matthew stay well, he seemed to improve in other areas. His focus and attention were sharper, and his schoolwork improved. He was calmer and had fewer of the meltdowns that seem to accompany developmental delays.

After our results of detoxing with the Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength, we tried the nutritional supplements of Touchstone Essentials. Made from whole food extracts, Essentials, was unlike any supplement we had taken previously. In just days my husband and I could feel a difference. Looking for relief for our joints, we also took Wellspring and found it took away many discomforts.

My husband and I agree we’ll take Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength for the rest of our lives. It eliminates worry in knowing that we have this extra level of protection. For us, there is “hope” in every bottle.

We can’t tell you enough about the joy it brings us to see Matthew thrive. We can foresee a time when he’ll be able to get a job. While he still speaks in three-word sentences, he is a whiz at breaking down and rebuilding vacuum cleaners. It’s our dream to be able to buy him his own repair shop so he can lead an independent and fulfilling life.

I really appreciate that Touchstone Essentials is available via the direct sales channel. By cutting out traditional advertising, the products are affordable, especially when you are rewarded for referrals. And I can do it from home, creating a business around our lives.

With Pure Body our whole family is feeling stronger and healthier. If this natural mineral can make such a difference for us, think of how it can make a difference for you!

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