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About 12 years ago (thanks to hypothyroidism), I experienced extreme weight gain and went from 135 lbs. to over 190 lbs. I had always been thin, so being heavier really affected my self-esteem.

Carrying all that extra weight also had an impact on my health. When I was thin, my blood pressure was at healthy levels, but now, it had crept up to the point where my doctor was talking about medication.

Starting last June, I began on a journey of some major life changes, and that included food choices. My eating became much cleaner and healthier choices began finding their way into my lifestyle. During that time I dropped 30 lbs.!

After my initial weight loss, I hit a plateau at 169 lbs. and hovered around the same weight for over 3 weeks. Then I found Touchstone Essentials’ Boost Focus Fuel. I started taking Boost and after 3 days the scale finally broke loose and I dropped a little over a pound. Progress!

In just under a month with Boost, I was down 5 lbs. and that included all the holidays! Altogether I have lost an extra 11 lbs. and 6 overall inches. I have noticed that the inches come off even when the pounds remain the same.

Janet Before and After

Since I started my health journey, I’ve lost 31 inches overall and 41 pounds! I never dreamt I’d see the 150’s again and now I’m 158 lbs. and counting! Wow!

I only take one capsule a day, and I am fully energized and focused all day. The 3 p.m. slump after lunch is a thing of the past! Now I am maintaining my weight loss, although I really eat what I want.

Taking all those pounds of pressure off of my hips has made me a new woman and I’m excited for the future. I look forward to continuing towards my goal, not only in weight loss but better physical health and mobility. I can’t help but get excited when I see and FEEL the changes happening within me.

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