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Kathleen Deoul
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Kathleen DeoulMost of us start out in network marketing working a full-time day job and setting aside some part-time hours to devote to our new in-home business. In the beginning, you are not compensated a lot for the amount of work you put into building your in-home business. As more and more people join your organization, however, leverage accelerates your earning capacity.

It only makes sense that being paid on the efforts of hundreds, and eventually thousands of Members is a much more rewarding way to put food on the table, rather than relying on just your own efforts as in a traditional job. For many, persistence, passion and action catapult us up the ladder of success to a point where we can fire our boss, and call our own shots.

We get to choose when we work, how we work, and with whom we work. We travel all over the world, combining business and vacations with our families like we’ve dreamed about, but could never do in our corporate jobs. And the tax advantages are second-to-none.

But sometimes, life can throw you a curveball, and a life-changing experience hits you no-holds-barred, impacting your heart and soul and mind, and the devastating news changes your life forever.

That’s what happened to me twelve years ago. While on top of the world as a leader in a network marketing company, my husband was given a life-ending diagnosis that rocked our world. He would be given 4 months to live.

The heartbreak was overwhelming, cloaking me in a dark fog. The fight to save my husband’s life became paramount. The one question I never had to ask, however, was, “How can I work and take care of my husband at the same time?” Thanks to network marketing, I could rely on leveraging what I had helped to build, earning a residual income in the high five figures each month.

It added up to a residual income that allowed me to care for my husband every day for the gift of two full years before he passed away. It took another 9 months before I could bring myself to begin working my business again. All the while my paycheck came to my mailbox every month for almost 3 years.

As the Master Member of Touchstone Essentials, leveraged income again came to my rescue, when my 93-year-old mother fractured her sternum, was hospitalized and then transferred to a rehabilitation center. She was out of commission for 7 weeks.

The true human value of leveraged income in network marketing is what allowed me to spend every day and night in the hospital with mom and almost every afternoon and evening until 11 pm at rehab to be sure she was attended to properly. At 93 she was feeling her mortality, and at times she became depressed with her surroundings.

Mom is back home now and doing much better. I am so happy I was able to place her welfare ahead of anything else, while still earning a full-time income. If I were working in corporate America, not only would I not be paid, my job would have vanished when my Mom needed me most.

My network marketing family is the heart that beats within me. My team was always there to pick up any slack caused by my absence. Their love and support is not calculated in dollars and cents, but rather in the depth of their heartfelt concern, in their telephone calls and written notes.

So many people in corporate America are unhappy in their jobs, and with their lot in life. Network marketing is so much more than most people believe they know about the industry. It has a great deal to offer those who seize it and make it their own.

For me, it’s all about building relationships—from there, businesses begin to bloom. Far beyond the business aspect, there is the human value that blesses your life. Lives change for the better in so many ways. The relationships that enter your life are the bond that makes work worth working, and life worth living.

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