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Making Choices
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Making ChoicesRecently, I was reading the book “Seven Choices for Success and Significance” by Dr. Nido Qubein. A highly successful entrepreneur and author, Dr. Qubein’s philosophy really resonated with me as it relates to what it takes to be successful, and the meaning of success.

As he shares in his book, Dr. Qubein says, “The most successful people I know are the ones who have something to do, somewhere to be and someone to love. To merely succeed is not an end in itself. You must use your success to impact other people…to impact the world. It all starts with the choices you make—they determine the person you will become.”

I love his risk taking statements. When facing a choice and calculating the risk associated with it, he says to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the best thing that can happen as a result of taking this risk?
  2. What is the most likely thing to happen as a result of taking this risk?
  3. What is the worst thing that can happen as a result of taking this risk?

He says that after you answer these questions you then make your decision by using these guidelines:

  1. If the best thing to happen will get me closer to my goals and I am willing to live with the worst thing that can happen…I march onward.
  2. If the most likely thing to happen will not get me closer to my goals, it is futile for me to even discuss this risk. I move on.
  3. If I am not willing to deal with the worst thing that can happen, I need to run away as fast as I can.

Successful people don’t avoid risks. They learn to manage them. They don’t dive off cliffs into unexplored waters. They learn how deep the water is, and make sure there are not hidden obstacles. Then they plunge in. So if you are considering the business opportunity of Touchstone, ask yourself those questions like I did.

What is the best thing that can happen for me with Touchstone? I can bless millions of people with better health. I can give people the opportunity for financial freedom. I will give myself financial freedom and many choices I don’t have now. I can have fun, and meet new people….the list of benefits goes on and on…all the great reasons we know are possible through the networking business model.

What is most likely to happen? I will be blessed with better health; I will spend some money, and some time seeing who will join me. For many people, they will just join for the products. Over time, a few others will join them, and they will earn enough to get their product for free.

Over time, I will find some people who are as passionate about this as I am, and it will continue to grow and grow as long as I don’t quit. What is most likely for me is that I will build a large team, and become very successful, and help many people, especially children to be born and live toxin clear.

So what is the worst thing that could happen? I will spend some money taking these products (and get healthier because of it). I will spend some time talking to people about them (and at first that may be uncomfortable). I will risk people misunderstanding my motives and think that I am trying to get them to do something they don’t want to do (which couldn’t be further from the truth…I am only looking for people who are looking for what I have to offer).

I will have to give up some TV time to work at this a few hours a week. I will have to grow as a human being, I will have to learn to listen better, and to communicate better (oh…oops…I think those are benefits).

So will doing Touchstone most likely get me closer to my goals? YES! Can I live with the worst things…which are primarily spending a little money and time to give it a go and see what happens? YES! So the answer to the question: Is having a Touchstone home-based business worth the risk? It is a resounding YES! So I have plunged in…and now I’m swimming ever closer toward my goals!

By: Vicki Latham