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Helen Hooper
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A yoga teacher and an advocate of a raw food diet, Helen Hooper shares her surprising results after introducing liquid zeolite as part of her plan to go from healthy to healthier.

“I started taking Pure Body about 8 weeks ago now, and if I am honest I wasn’t expecting too much. Having been on a raw food diet for about 7 years and having done lots of cleanses, juice feasting and fasting all without too much effect I didn’t think that anything would have a big impact on me. Wow, was I wrong!!!

Helen HooperWithin the first few hours of taking Pure Body my head felt as if it was in a vice and what followed over the next few days was a huge purging of toxins that seemed centered around my head and neck.

On day three I was practicing yoga and whilst performing a shoulder stand I felt a huge release in my shoulders. Within hours I had developed a rash all across my left shoulder and up into my neck. This lasted a few days before it cleared.

In the weeks that have followed I have had purges and then lulls and then purges again. I have released kidney stones and had dry skin patches, headaches, and joint discomfort all clear away.

Just when I think things are coming to an end, something else pops up! It’s made me realize this is going to be a long but beautiful process to rid my body of what took a lifetime to accumulate.

So, a big and delightful surprise to finally find something that actually shifts things in a rapid and powerful way. I would happily recommend Pure Body to everyone and will definitely be using it with my own clients in the future!”

—Helen Hooper

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