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FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!
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Dear Members,

After a lifetime spent in the nutritional supplement industry, it was almost a year ago that I embarked on a personal journey of discovery. I set out to explore why now more than ever, people are tired, run down and sick—even as increasing numbers of people are taking supplements.

Months of visiting vitamin manufacturers, ingredient providers and eventually real farms, opened my eyes to the reality that most nutritional products are made with the same synthetic or isolate chemicals, creating “franken-supplements” that offer little of the benefit of real food.

Too often, companies compromise on ingredients, suppliers, or even the scientific advice they follow. My “eureka” moment came after many months of research and the realization that I could choose a different path, where nothing is compromised.

Touchstone was created with the vision that only real farm-fresh food offers real improvements in body, mind and personal well-being. I chose the direct selling distribution model because I have deep appreciation for how it provides a nurturing environment for both products and people.  We simply harness the abundance of the earth, to create abundance in our lives.

Sourced from the earth, our products are made possible by breakthrough innovations— in cold-processing techniques for our whole foods, and in proprietary scientific advances in processing clinoptilolite zeolite—that set us apart from everyone else.

So while we are a company in our launch season, these innovations put us far ahead. These advances will upset the apple cart for some—and competitors may feel threatened—yet innovation is to be celebrated as the engine of economic growth. It leads to better products, and better outcomes. And when innovation is combined with entrepreneurship, the result is nothing less than the American Dream.

Already, we’re hearing from Members who are feeling better now than in years past, thriving with renewed energy and vitality. And we’re also hearing from those cultivating financial freedom, with excitement about the abundance of their first checks for sharing the good inside.

Today, over 150 million Americans take supplements. They just need the right kind of supplement. What’s been missing is uncompromised whole-food goodness, and that’s what Touchstone brings to the global table.

We will look back on this time and recognize it as a seismic shift in how people view food and nutrition. The market for organic food has grown from just $1 billion in 1990 to nearly $30 billion today, and is poised to accelerate rapidly as people continue to push back against the pitfalls of industrial farming, and get back to real food.

The seeds of our success have been planted, and thanks to you, the numbers of people joining our movement in its early days have far exceeded my expectations. I am deeply grateful for all those who share our vision.

I speak for everyone on the corporate team when I say we are dedicated to our cause. We work purposefully each day to earn your trust and are steadfast in our service to each of our Members, creating a nurturing growth environment that will endure for many years to come.

Each month, I’ll share updates and insights on our movement, and all the ways we’ll get the word of our uncompromised nutrition, out to the world. Everyone deserves the good inside.

Your partner,

Eddie Stone Signature

Eddie Stone, Founder & CEO, Touchstone Essentials