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Laura Bertin
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Mime Laura Bertin speaks out about a painful reaction to getting her face painted, with before and after photos that show how zeolite came to the rescue.

“As a mime for over 30 years, I’ve used a lot of face paint, so I didn’t think twice about getting my face painted, especially when the face painter said they were non-toxic paints (yeah, right!).

With two fun events planned, I kept the paint on for over 24 hours. I should have known better. When I got home after a hot and humid day that Saturday and washed it off, my face was covered in angry, red welts where the glitter design had been.

I started applying Pure Body liquid zeolite topically to my face (as often as I would think about it) and now you can see how good my skin looked just a week later! It also helped ease the incredible itching!

Laura Bertin

And this “before” photo was taken a couple of days after I was already taking Pure Body, so it was actually much worse than what you see here. Who knows what was in that glitter and paint!

I also think that having just recently recovered from a medical procedure, my body may have been unable to handle the extra toxins in that paint.

I later found out that previous testing on face paints have found them to be contaminated with heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Yikes! Then I read the “Tin Man” from the Wizard of Oz had been hospitalized with a reaction to his face paint, so much so they had to replace the actor!

I already take Pure Body liquid zeolite to detox my body, and I knew others had amazing results applying zeolite to their skin, so I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ve heard that such strong skin reactions can take months to go away, so I am very happy to have such a speedy recovery!”

—Laura Bertin

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