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Caffeine-laden energy drinks are taking their toll, but green energy alternatives prove to be healthy, effective and caffeine free.

In today’s fast-paced, due yesterday, sleep-is-for-sissies environment, just about everyone is reaching for some kind of energy boost. Be it a drink, shot or breath strip, consumers are only concerned about results while healthy takes a back seat!

Here’s a novel idea. Next time you reach for an energy boost, go for one that is both effective and healthy. By healthy, we mean good for you, as in offers natural energy with NO synthetic stimulants.

What’s wrong with downing those energy drinks ruling the billion dollar market, with names designed to appeal to adolescents, and stressed out workers?

A lot as it turns out. Most of these energy drinks contain various synthetic stimulants that offer zero health value and even pose potential health threats.

Especially caffeine! Most of us know that excessive intake of caffeine may cause a racing heart rate and headaches, but did you know that it can also cause anxiety, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, insomnia and, in extreme cases, nausea and vomiting?

What’s more, energy drink companies want the public to think their drinks have little caffeine or are even caffeine-free. The truth is many have nearly three times the amount in a normal cup of coffee disguised on the label as ingredients such as Guarana or Taurine. Guarana alone has twice the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans.

Another problem is that many of the stimulants found in energy drinks cause dehydration, which is detrimental particularly when so many users consume these drinks before intense physical activity. Whether it’s hitting the gym or the dance floor, an elevated heart rate leads to fluid loss that these energy drinks simply do not replenish.

So is it possible to have an energy supplement that is caffeine-free, healthy and good for you, AND actually works? Yes!

First let’s talk about what’s really going on with energy. Did you know that without a healthy supply of oxygen, the body cannot convert fuel into energy? Athletes aren’t the only ones who need oxygen for endurance—we all do.

Your body needs oxygen to supply the energy for all of its functions, and uses your red blood cells as the runners to get that oxygen where it needs to go.

Yet poor digestion and bad diets can cause our red blood cells to clump, which limits the amount of oxygen they can carry throughout the body. Get your red blood cells back up to speed and you’ll get more oxygen, and more energy, naturally!

And that’s where proteolytic enzymes come in. These proteases play many important roles in the body, including helping to break down protein, so your red blood cells aren’t slowed down by long protein chains during the digestive processes, and are free to get moving again.

You also get more energy when your metabolism is running at optimum levels. And you don’t have use synthetic stimulants to get your metabolism in gear—there is a clean, green solution—green tea extract!

Green tea extract has been widely studied for its natural thermogenic properties and ability to promote fat oxidation (even better than caffeine!). Scientists attribute the metabolic benefits of green tea to its polyphenols, antioxidant like compounds attributed to a host of health benefits including healthy cholesterol levels, heart health, weight loss and more!

Since the energy effect comes from polyphenols (not caffeine) you can actually have an energy boost with a decaffeinated green tea—and be free of any jitters!

How to get this natural energizer? Stay clear of prepackaged green tea drinks since all ready-to-drink packages are pasteurized to kill any bad bacteria (and unfortunately good nutrients too). And many have added sugar or artificial sweeteners to mask the bitter taste.

Green tea extract in capsules is a great way to get all the goodness of green tea; and now you can even get decaf green tea combined with proteolytic enzymes! Think of it as green fuel for your body—clean, sustainable and free of all nasty chemicals!

With 95mg of green tea polyphenols in every capsule, you can baffle your friends with how you’re staying energized and caffeine-free!