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I Can See Clearly Now The Toxins are Gone!
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Cheryl McCoy

Cheryl McCoy

A fascinating website caught my eye about a supplement and detox line that is from organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) farms, picking fruits & vegetables at peak ripeness, dehydrating within hours of picking, cold-pressing them (leaving live enzymes intact) into clear capsules with the food inside visible. That certainly sounded different than the supplements I’d been taking.

I watched a couple short videos and learned the reality is that 98% of food supplements, while some may claim to be ‘natural’, have synthetic ingredients or fillers! If there are names I can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are, chances are they were synthetic! Just like the body doesn’t know what to do with fake sugar and stores it as fat, the body doesn’t recognize fake vitamins and best case scenario, discards them, leaving most vitamins a waste of money.

When was the last time I took vitamins and noticed a difference? A long time ago… so I checked the label on my ‘natural’ supplements I’ve been taking for (double digit) years and cried “Shoot! When did they put that in there?”

I like to eat healthy, but I also love dining out and other peoples’ cooking, so I’ve always liked the idea of ‘nutritional insurance’, just in case. The philosophy of whole food, organic, non-GMO supplements and detoxing, sounded smart to me, not necessarily in that order. Especially the non-GMO.

I have never detoxed and wanted to see how much better I could feel. The science made sense… I know that pesticides and toxic metals—such as cadmium, lead, aluminum, and arsenic—reside in the body and accumulate. Toxins can be in our air, our food, our water. This detox was a special kind of mineral—zeolite, in water—that is naturally negatively charged, attracting positively-charged particles like a magnet, pulling them out of the body.

I ordered everything, 4 whole food supplements and the detox products, but I wanted to detox first. I thought I could read the tiny label on the detox dropper bottle by holding it out at least 3 feet. It read 4 droppers 3 times daily. So I did, starting on Thursday night. And all day Friday. By Saturday morning I said, “There’s no way this bottle is going to last me a month” as it was three quarters gone, and read it again, this time with reading glasses. It said 4 drops (not full droppers) 3 times daily. “Oh shoot!!” I cried again, “I’m o.d.-ing on detoxing!!” Funny thing was though; I felt great and realized the bug that had been bothering my stomach for the last 1.5 weeks had disappeared.

Next thing, I was late for a trade show and ran out the door grabbing my driving glasses. As I drove off, I put my glasses on. But strangely enough my vision seemed blurry. I squinted at a sign in the distance. I removed my glasses, my eyes gaped open, as I could read the sign in the distance. I put them back on, I squinted. I took them off and drove the rest of the way to the show mumbling, “This is HUGE, this is HUGE!” Anyone who has driven with me knows that I cannot read signs without my glasses until I am pretty much parallel with the sign.

At that point, I began taking the recommended amount in the interest of making the solution last. Since my initial detox, my eyesight has adjusted to about half of what it was after my discovery, but not all the way back to where it was. So this is totally worth sharing!!

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