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FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!
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I think that if I can do this, anybody can do this. I know we’re all busy. I’m a registered nurse and a Mom of two young kids, a 2 ½ year old and an 11 month old.

I’m on maternity leave for another month and am planning to go back to work to the hospital on a casual basis. A big factor for success is just bringing it with me wherever I go.

In my nursing background I have literally evaluated over 30 different products on the market and I still cannot find anything that compares to Touchstone Essentials. Above all else, my goal has been to just get the product into people’s hands.

I refuse to believe that I am selling anything. I’m simply sharing these amazing products with my friends and family. People are looking for health and wellness. With the cellular nutrition, the detox and the weight management, there is nothing better out there.

Anyone I share with might tell me, I take “this” or “that” product, and I always ask, “would you mind if I take a look, it would be great if there was another product as good as this one out there.” That creates an awesome opportunity to share the What’s In Your Vitamins chart (see it here) comparing the ingredients in synthetic vitamins versus the whole food vitamins. It’s a real eye-opener for people.

I almost make people watch at least one of the videos, because as soon as they watch the video something changes for them. My favorite video is Why Touchstone and I share that the most, along with the brochure, Supplement Secrets Revealed.

Being in the medical profession I see so many people who are sick. It’s been so empowering and so amazing to me to actually have people—I’ve had tons of people call me up a week after, a month after—to say, “Wow my headaches are gone,” “My joint pain is gone,” or “I don’t feel dizzy anymore.” It’s just radically changing people’s health.
Crystal Charbonneau and family
If people tell you they don’t have any money to buy products, it’s an awesome way to introduce the company as an income stream that could potentially bring them an extra 500 or 1,000 dollars a month or much more. For those already with high incomes this can provide greater freedom. I have somebody who makes a six figure income currently but she’s tired of the hours and working for somebody else, and so her goal is to replace that six figure income with Touchstone Essentials, and she can do it.

One of my goals is to book one home event a week, so that’s what I do and it makes me feel good that I can then pour the rest of my time into my family. Set aside whatever time you can, whether it’s an hour a day, three hours a day and commit so you can feel good about putting that time in to build your business and grow.

It’s also important to just share wherever you are. If you’re at the bank and you run into someone that you know. If you’re at your kids’ sporting events or at a mom’s group or a playdate, or somewhere at work or at church—anywhere you are.

Most importantly, I don’t get hung up on anyone who’s not interested. Just move on to the next person who is. And if people say yes and they’re interested, just get them signed up. Everyone is busy and helping with that process makes them feel appreciated.

I am thrilled with how my business has grown in just a few months. It is such a team effort. I joined as a Premier and between Referral Bonus, Residual Bonus, and Rank Advancement Bonuses, my Touchstone Essentials income has doubled every month.

What’s also amazing is the low overhead with your Touchstone Essentials business. There’s no need to carry extra product inventory as the company ships direct. You get a free website with an online store for people to order. Besides the brochures you print or order, everything else is covered.

As you share and grow your team, the numbers keep multiplying. The products make it so easy to share. It’s really refreshing to have income go straight into your bank account. To have income and a business from helping others is really amazing.
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