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Carolyn Trovao
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Carolyn TrovaoBefore, Carolyn Trovao told us how good she was feeling in her recovery after starting whole-food supplements. Now, she shares how she’s progressing on her journey to wellness!

Back in April, Carolyn shared how the good inside was giving her a new glow…

“I had to share the wonderful news of my experience with your products!

Following a heart attack at the end of January, there was quite a bit of scarring on my left ventricle. I am on medication and if you know anything about these medications; a side effect is they make your skin very thin. It shows up with a mass of dark colored bruises everywhere.

I started using Pure Body, Essentials, Supergreens + D and Green Energy as directed a week ago. Then, about three days ago, I bumped my arm on a door handle and the bruise is only a light brown without any pain to the touch! And I went from about twenty bruises on my body to only this one. I attribute this to these wonderful products.

Not only that, my skin feels youthful and glowing and is smooth like a baby’s bottom—instead of dry and flaky—and that makes me very happy.

If my skin is showing signs of healing, I truly believe my heart scars are healing as well. I am not retaining fluids like before. It’s only been one week, and I can only imagine how healthy I will be in a month!”

Now, Carolyn shares a heartwarming update on how she’s getting the energy and nutrition she needs to keep on the path to wellness…       

“I have such great news!

After my doctor advised some time ago that I would require a mini defibrillator to be placed near my heart—the left ventricular was beating at 20% congestive heart failure—I got serious about my health with a new regimen.

That regimen was exercise and nutrition, which included all of Touchstone Essentials products. Each day, I take three capsules of Essentials and Supergreens +D along with one capsule of Green Energy and 8 drops of the Pure Body. I walk at least a mile six days a week and swim 30 minutes three times a week.

Today my Cardiologist stated my heart rate has doubled to 40% instead of 20% and I no longer require the defibrillator!!!

Can I say it was the supplements? Well one thing I can say is the food-based nutrition gives me the energy to do the workouts daily and that is the biggest improvement of my life. I am so excited and happy!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of the improvement of my heart. Now I am looking forward to a long life with Touchstone Essentials!”

—Carolyn Martin Trovao, CPCC, ACC

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