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FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!
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An active working mom, Camille Hita needed energy to get her through the day, so she reached for nutritional supplements to help fill the gap in her busy life.

She tried liquid vitamins (without much success) which also didn’t taste so good, or were in her words, “like watered down A-1 sauce.” Ugh!

So Camille was excited the whole food supplements of Touchstone were in easy-to-swallow veggie caps. After starting the Monthly Essentials Pack she discovered a newfound level of energy that got her to meetings on time, or even early!

Another happy side effect? Camille has said goodbye to the digestive discomfort she has struggled with since before she became a mom. Tummy issues are no fun. The whole food supplements of Touchstone offer complete nutrition, including plant-based enzymes and probiotics, which are the good bugs that help to battle the bad bugs in your digestive system.*

Watch Camille as she discovers the good inside!

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