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While the players on the WNBA Chicago Sky team are lean, performance-driven athletes, the corporate staff of the team came in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. And that is what Danielle Girdano, a highly-sought-after personal trainer, set out to change.

Could 25 corporate types—more accustomed to desk sitting than sit ups—see and feel real measurable results in just 12 weeks? The challenge was big, but Danielle, one of only a dozen worldwide members on the Personal Training Advisory Board of the prestigious Cooper Institute® was up to the task.

Danielle developed a rigorous wellness program with nutrition and physical fitness at its core. While she would put participants through their paces at the gym, Danielle also knew the group would need supplemental nutrition to support the strenuous demands being placed on their bodies.

Danielle thought she had her selections lined up, and was ready to go with the same food-based nutritional supplements she’d used in a wellness challenge the previous year. Then, a phone call changed everything.

“So many products come across my desk, and everyone wants me to use their supplements. When Marc Gitomer shared information on Touchstone Essentials, they really stood out from the crowd. It was a pure form of whole foods with no binders or fillers,” said Danielle.

Touchstone supplements corporate chicago sky challengeBefore she would incorporate a nutritional supplement into the wellness program, Danielle conducted an in-depth review of the formulas, whole food ingredients and cold processing, culminating with testing the products herself.

Danielle admits this was a high standard for any supplement to meet. “I eat a very clean diet, and I train and exercise hard, so for me to experience any difference is significant. After a couple of weeks, I was surprised at how much better I felt.”

Satisfied that Touchstone Essentials cellular health supplements would provide the nutritional support participants needed, the wellness challenge got underway with 25 participants, each armed with Essentials, a whole-food antioxidant, Supergreens +D for immunity and digestive support and Green Energy for sustained, natural energy. After 12 weeks, the results were in!Corporate Challenge Results

Participants lost weight, inches, body fat, and dropped body mass index (BMI). They also increased strength, flexibility, arterial health and blood flow. So how did the supplements impact results?

According to Danielle, “The results were even better than we expected. I know the Touchstone supplements made a big difference because I ran the same program last year with different nutritionals. This time, the results were much improved. This was especially noticeable in the results for eccentric constriction, which measures the health of arteries in the body.”

Those weren’t the only improvements. Danielle reports that Green Energy, a natural way to boost energy (without caffeine) was able to help participants do something that most thought was impossible—reduce or eliminate their coffee intake.

“I’m not a fan of coffee because of how it overstimulates the thyroid. With Green Energy, we were able to get 19 people completely off coffee, and the other 6 significantly reduced their intake. They had more energy and it lasted,” said Danielle.

Results weren’t just measured in the gym, but in how lives were changed. In addition to being by their side throughout the transformation, Danielle conducted exit interviews with each person. “People shared how they were sleeping better, their digestion was more regular and they had more energy. The whole food nutrition really made a difference. In my opinion, Touchstone Essentials was a crucial component in their success.”

Looking ahead, Danielle’s plans are to take this program to other WNBA teams and beyond.