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This is Alaina, my beautiful 2-year-old daughter. Throughout her young life, she’s never really known what healthy feels like and she deserves to.

Alaina suffers from multiple food sensitivities. She’s had a lifelong struggle with chronic ear infections and the continual use of antibiotics has given her a leaky gut which only compounds issues. She also has to deal with chronic skin issues which leave her with patches of red, raised itchy skin.

We’re in and out of different doctor appointments every other week, and I was open to trying a less traditional route. I was referred to Pure Body to help clean up her system. Since Pure Body is not a drug and the zeolite is completely safe, I wanted to give it a try.

We’ve started with one spray of Pure Body Extra Strength three times a day, and while it’s an oral spray, I also apply one spray daily to her arm. While I’m hopeful for what it will do in the months to come I just had to share what’s already VISIBLE within the first 5 days.

After just one day, the skin on her arm looked better. By the third day, it was much improved. And by the fifth day, I was amazed. That spot had been like that for about eight months, with no change, even with traditional creams. After only 5 days with Pure Body Extra Strength, it was almost gone!

[Update]: Now, at 90 days, the only trace of the skin issue is the discoloration in the skin. It’s completely smooth!

Alaina's Arm

[Update]: And for the first time in almost 3 years, Alaina’s ears are completely clear! I’m so overjoyed with her progress and I know Pure Body is a huge part of that. Only 3 months and it’s made an incredible difference!

I am telling everyone about Pure Body. Sitting in doctor’s offices gives me ample opportunity to speak with other parents and encourage them to try a less traditional approach of helping their kids.

With the endless doctor’s appointment and surgeries on her ears, I haven’t been able to work. Now I am so excited for what the future holds for my little girl. It finally feels like better health is within her reach. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to continue to change our lives.

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