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As a Food for Health Advocate and Holistic Personal Chef, I always keep my eyes and ears open about healthy living.

A controversy about vitamins caught my attention: are they ever really digested in the body or do they simply pass through the system?

I know nutrition is the foundation for health. But with so much information out there, what is fact and what is fiction? What is best for the body?

After extensive research, the facts are simple.

A chemically-derived vitamin will take much more energy to be used by the body (if at all). Whereas a whole food vitamin, that is a food source in compact form, can be completely used by the body.

Why is that?

Vitamins in a food (for example, an orange) are in such balance that they work to create bioavailability for each other.

Simply put, vitamins do NOT work isolated from each other, they need each other to work. If they are not in perfect ratio, the body will deplete itself.

Take a look at these common symptoms as an example.

  • food cravings
  • sleeplessness
  • mood swings
  • ruddy looking skin
  • lethargy
  • mind fog

These symptoms are actually signs your body is starving for nourishment.

So when I was introduced to Touchstone Essentials via Pure Body (learn more), I was intrigued by the detox and the approach to raw, whole food supplementation.

I am a firm believer in detoxification of the body and its benefits. But I also know there are dangers in overdoing it.

I researched the mineral Clinoptilolite and learned of its scientifically proven method of SAFELY removing chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body WITHOUT stripping the body of essential nutrients.

So being a ‘put my money where my mouth is’ type of person, I decided to give Pure Body a try. Within two months, I had a new clear balance in my body.

At the time I was representing a few different professional supplement lines. I was taking 8 assorted vitamin products. With Touchstone Essentials that all changed.

Within six months I went from 8 vitamin bottles down to just 3.

As I finished my bottle of vitamin D, I replaced it with Supergreens +D (learn more). When my multivitamin was gone, I replaced it with Essentials (learn more).

Gone were my multivitamin, my B complex, the vitamin C, the trace minerals, my green superfoods, a vitamin D, a cellular hydration supplement and my hair, skin and nails formula.

In its place were Pure Body, Supergreens +D and Essentials.

Together the benefits of these 3 supplements far outweigh the 8 I had been taking. My vitamin cabinet is now free of clutter. And I feel greater balance and vitality than ever before.

For me, the lesson is clear. For the perfect recipe for vibrant health, turn to Touchstone Essentials.

*This story represents the personal experience of an individual and is not intended to imply you or anyone else will have a similar experience (everyone is different). These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.